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    is “life” THIS existence? or is “life” ALL existence?

    i believe “this” life that we all are in toGether, under the same moon and stars, is happeninG in one realm, of many realms that ARE; in existence simultaneously. and there possibly could be alternate realities in other realms or dimensions, but i dont know. im not too sure about that. maybe we can bounce some theories and ideas back n forth to reach further understandinG. 

    im pretty sure that WHO we are, isnt the names that we were given at “birth” from our parents. i believe those are the names of the physical shells that we occupy to remain in human form in this realm. 

    this could be hard to wrap your understandinG around bc this is my 1st time tryinG to explain it and i havent quite fiGured out the best way to do so YET. but ima try anyway. i dont know how or where but i believe that the REAL us (our spirits and souls/ every part of us besides our physical) were formed or once beGan in another realm and we were sent here by the almiGhty/ **God to serve a purpose throuGh a series of actions as humans. {i was raised as a hardcore christian, i even played drums in church for about 7 years, these days i find reliGion to be an unnecessary middle-man. and a middle man that can easily taint one’s views. currently iii am not reliGious, however i practice spirituality reliGiously. for a couple years now spirituality itself has been my reliGion. i am very spiritual bc i feel it to be live and direct (YOU <-> GOD) on a seamless two way street. vs systems of reliGion which i noticed are set up as (YOU -> SOMEONE ELSE DELIVERING A MESSAGE OF THEIR CHOICE IN A WAY THAT MAKES SENSE TO THEM, AND MAYBE NOT YOU OR OTHERS IN THE CONGREGATION -> GOD) on a one way street w. a bike lane goinG the other way, and there are tolls. quite a few of them.

    i believe the different realms act as staGes of existence. there could possibly be a specific order!! or not. but i feel like there is. and who Goes to say that “THIS” life that we are livinG here and now is 1st? .. this settinG could possibly be the 1st. or it could be the 2nd or 3rd or 4th or 5th staGe of existence. this is far from a Game but like a Game, you cant Go to level/ staGe 4 w.o completinG levels/ staGes 1-3 first. so lets apply that same concept of Graduation to life. i dont think the requirement(s) to Graduate to the next realm are just “spend time here on this Earth, and die”. no no no, as i said by the ” ** ” above, i believe we have missions/ purposes to serve; and if we do not accomplish our missions by the time our physical’s expire, we are sent aGain and aGain and aGain until we serve our purpose. in failinG to serve our purposes we are sent back again as different people in the physical form but WHO we REALLY are is the same. same souls, same spirits. different body, and “memory” wiped?? in most cases? in research ive heard a couple cases of people claiminG to remember their past life or parts of it. but most dont. 

    observe the properties of this realm. thinGs like the fact that we need to breathe in oxyGen, and out Co2, and the fact that exchanGe happens both ways from humans to trees, and trees to humans. the fact that “…We live on a floatinG rock…” - Noah Payne
    the phenomenon of Gravity and how it differs on different planets. the elements earth, wind, fire, water, etc and the “rules/ laws” of how they can and cant be moved, transferred or chanGed. observe all of the species that are here on this Earth w. us. doGs, cats, plants, trees ants, fish, flies.. and include us too. look at our composure. the way our hearts pump blood throuGh us to sustain life. our anatomies!! (symmetrical upright figures w. two “arms”, “leGs” and a head) SKIN, the nervous system, the respiratory system, the circulatory system etc.. the facts that we communicate primarily throuGh “scratchinG a “solid” that breaks down on another surface and by makinG sounds w. our “mouths” the sky is blue, clouds float. “planets” are round. 

    now imaGine consciously Graduating from “this” realm to the next.. and dispose of all of the knowledGe you know of the properties of where life takes place……… nope, you still ddnt Get rid of it all….. your still holdinG onto some thinGs of THIS dimension……. let everythinG you know Go…….. keep goinG. to the point where you are startinG so fresh that you dont even know yet how to communicate with yourself. what if each realm/ dimension has its very own unique properties? … let that marinate. 

    now consider your past life, it took place in this dimension that you are readinG this in right now, on what we call Planet Earth. Now reincarnated you is in a dimension so new w. properties and characteristics never experienced before. could it be so different that the opportunity to BE, is not even called “life” in these new places? “and forget about the reason why it wouldnt be called “life” beinG bc of different lanGuages.

    w. all of this beinG said, if you read it all, now that you know where im cominG from (hopefully), do you think that only THIS specific staGe of existence is called “life”?… or do you think existence on/ in ALLL planes is called “life?

    drop a line or 3. tell me what you think!

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    Download 53,000. by Elbee Thrie for free, or however much you want to pay. 


    Download 53,000. by Elbee Thrie for free, or however much you want to pay. 


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    pretty people w. no substance.

    when i meet you, the way you look aint Gonna do too much for me.

    as i beGin to know you, the weiGht of your attractiveness will start to

    break throuGh. if you vibrate in a ranGe of righteous frequencies, naturally

    you’d appear to be beautiful; which equals increased attraction from

    me to you, or me feelinG more intrigued from some anGle(s). even if

    you’re sexy as fuck on the eyes.. if the frequencies that you vibrate on are

    even a tad bit harsh or repellinG in any way, the attractiveness from me to

    you will cease to none. it’s only a matter of time 

    for you pretty people w. no substance. 

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(Taken with Instagram)

this is the Guitar i slept w. the other night. 



    (Taken with Instagram)

    this is the Guitar i slept w. the other night. 

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